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A|M Aquae Bathroom Vessel Sink Porcelain 19 X 15 Inch Rectangle Above Counter White Ceramic Basin

A|M Aquae Bathroom Vessel Sink Porcelain 19 X 15 Inch Rectangle Above Counter White Ceramic Basin

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Product Details
High Level Rectangular Polymarble Bathroom Wash Basin Sink
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Product Name
Lavatory Popular Ceramic Bathroom Hand Wash Art Basin
Item No
Foam+Carton Box
Solid Construction
Made in Constructed of true fireclay a special white clay that is fired at 2900 °F for extreme strength and durability.

Straight and Flat
It requests for good craftsmanship to make fireclay ceramic sink with straight lines and flat surface. Aquacubic sink has been 100% inspected and selected.

With smooth and non-porous glazed surface, food and drink stains can't stick to the surface. Clean and shining after elegantly wipe.
True Fireclay Sink
Aquacubic fireclay sinks are sourced from Italy, one of the few regions in the world that produce true fireclay.

Ceramic sinks from other regions may look similar, but do not offer the strength and durability of true Italian fireclay.
Reversible Design
 fireclay sinks are flat on one side, and have a fluted pattern on the other side.

They can be installed either way: with the flat side on front, or the fluted side. Completely up to your design preference.
Thick 1" SOLID fireclay
fireclay sinks are constructed of 1" thick SOLID fireclay, unlike the hollow fireclay sinks offered by some other manufacturers.

Solid fireclay gives a lot more strength and durability. Hollow fireclay sinks may look thick, but lack strength and crack easily.
Installation Options
This farmhouse style sink can be installed either Undermount (sink rim is mounted under the countertop), Flushmounted, or Raised.

Completely up to your design preference.


Ultra-smooth porcelain surface made with non-yellowing materials.

Reversible Design

Interchangeable apron front can be used both ways depending on your design preference.


Engineered with extremely durable fireclay and high-temperature forging.

Non- Porous Surface

Advanced technology makes the product hygienic and effectively reduces odors in the room.


Can withstand high temperatures.

Stain Resistant

Multi-layer glazing smooths the surface of the sink for easy cleaning.


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